Inevitable Exclusion – symbols, hashtags, and networked spaces

So it’s easy to say you don’t have to do everything in a MOOC to be part of it – some MOOCs offer different options to choose from, to help people find something they like. Some people will just think they’re supposed to do it all (poor them). More interestingly, though, is this: sometimes the “cool” people (and it’s really a perception more than anything) choose to all get together and do a particular “thing” and if you’re not into that particular “thing” you might feel excluded. They may have issued an open invitation, but you may have missed it, or didn’t realize you could join, or didn’t think you were talented enough, or didn’t know how to introduce yourself. Not everyone can do those things, you know… But it’s ok… as long as there are multiple opportunities, open invitations, eventually, someone will find something somewhere with some group. If they hang in there long enough.
Might this not be a kind of test of "digital citizenship": the ability to negotiate the barriers posed by such unintentional, perhaps even illusionary, cliques and groups in order to substantially participate in these open spaces?

COLLECTION 2: Models of Digital Citizenship | The Unluckiest Ho

What resonates with your experience? What doesn’t? I chose these models of digital citizenship specifically because they do inform my real life experiences (well, porn not so much in my middle age). As a teacher, I am frustrated by mobile devices and how kids behave in computer labs – I always have a special bunch of kids who have behavior issues. In this way, it is quite important to me.
I don't have much experience in K-12 classrooms...I hope some others can help!