Things I am supporting with my time and/or money.

Bryan Alexander – Bryan is one of the smartest (and most productive!) people I know. I am supporting him in “creating media about the future of education,” including the Future Trends in Technology and Education monthly newsletter and the Future Trends Forum. And his blog. And his book club.

Alan Levine – The only rival to Bryan’s productivity is Alan AKA CogDog AKA da’ OG. I am supporting him in “creating open licensed media & web tools for educators (blogging it too).” 

James Harbeck – James “creates words about words.” He is an inspiration for my own wordy efforts and I’m glad to have a chance to support his playful, erudite, passionate work.

Talk the Talk – This “weekly show about what’s going on in linguistics, the science of language, with linguists Daniel Midgley and Hedvig SkirgĂ„rd, and smart people Ben Ainslie and Kylie Sturgess” is a top-notch, podcast-queue-jumper. 

Lingthusiasm – The “podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics” — and that enthusiasm is contagious.

The Vocal Fries – Podcast hosts “Carrie Gillon and Megan Figueroa talk about the way people judge how others talk, and why it’s a bad thing to do. [They] also talk about linguistics and fun language facts!”