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Birthday Breakfast Beignets with Bitty Byrne

Birthday Breakfast Beignets with Bitty Byrne

It’s not that the feelings collectively called “depression”…:

Excellent puzzle in the Inkubator 100 Audacious Puzzles book, @mersiamnot! Fun theme, smooth fill! →

I have a practically debilitating thing for Nicola Walker…and it only increases as every year passes

Just spent at least 15 seconds (might not sound like a long time, but it is) trying to mouse up out of my laptop screen to my phone’s screen, mounted above. Doesn’t work that way, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?

Read: On the Internet, We’re Always Famous (Chris Hayes):

The bummer about the new Doctor Strange film being a blockbuster is that it puts another nail in the coffin containing my hope for a final season of Sherlock.

Happy Mother's Day, Moms →

Fun meta by @ruoff47 in the new @InkubatorXWords book. I have to admit I often skip the meta part of puzzles and am glad I didn’t!

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