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You just never know what difference an act of kindness can make. Almost unbelievable, but Twitter has the receipts.

I've been skeptical of the greener winter oolongs, but this Secret Garden Alishan High Mountain tea from Floating Leaves tea has turned me around. Floral and light, but still rich. And naturally sweet. →

I often wonder if a person’s pompousness is an aspect of their classist approach on the job, or if it’s just who they are all the time and I happen to see them when they’re working. Academia, being such a circumscribed, parochial world does seem to facilitate excessive snobbery.

Just my occasional question: why is there no web-based application like AirTable but actually a true relational database? Every time I have to wedge and mangle something to fit a Google Sheet or AirTable, I think this would be a huge market.

Is there a progressive/left podcast covering the Supreme Court, law, and culture that’s as good as the right-leaning Advisory Opinions?

My wandering @MyTeaPalApp Club box arrived today...I'm looking forward to comparing tasting notes with the other folks. #tea

Wearing a mask really makes me realize how often I use my teeth to hold onto things. I miss that third hand.

Anytime I see someone with a mask and unfogged glasses I bow to them, because I have clearly just met a fucking powerful wizard

And now someone makes me think of "Sussudio." Don't do me like this, Twitter!

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