Retweets Are Trash

I follow thousands of people, so my office mate, who happens to be a skilled programmer, wrote a script for me that turned off retweets from everybody. Retweets make up more than a quarter of all tweets. When they disappeared, my feed had less punch-the-button outrage. Fewer mean screenshots of somebody saying precisely the wrong thing. Less repetition of big, big news. Fewer memes I’d already seen a hundred times. Less breathlessness. And more of what the people I follow were actually thinking about, reading, and doing. It’s still not perfect, but it’s much better.
For me, retweets aren't the problem, following the wrong people is. At least half, maybe more, of what I glean that is useful from Twitter comes from re-tweets...perhaps because instead of following thousands, I follow people I trust and/or want to converse with?

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Chris Lott

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