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I like monkeys!

I also stopped “blogging” not for exactly the same reasons but similar, in that the world seemed to be descending into a series of unending crises and my tepid-take observations or home made GIFs seemed at best, frivolous and at worst, a dangerous distraction. A bit like playing the fiddle while Rome burned. The absence has certainly made me gloomier, more pessimistic, and more sad because I didn’t find anything healthy or creative to replace the activity.
I have found katexic to be a ray of sunshine during this dark time. It’s like it opens up little portals of wonder and curiosity and allows me to imagine a world that is not really just a flaming dumpster filled with greedy morons maintaining systems to annihilate half the world’s poorest. Ah, I digress.
I’m so happy to see you doing 9x9x25 and writing about whatever the hell moves you.