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    Excellent puzzle in the Inkubator 100 Audacious Puzzles book, @mersiamnot! Fun theme, smooth fill! →
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    Fun meta by @ruoff47 in the new @InkubatorXWords book. I have to admit I often skip the meta part of puzzles and am glad I didn’t!
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    Heck yeah! Looking forward to digging into “Inkubator Crosswords 100 Audacious Puzzles by Women and Nonbinary Creators” this weekend! →
  • Gridlock: An Introduction to Crossword Construction (Blake Slonecker)
    Dr. Blake Slonecker teaches us the ups, downs, lefts and rights on building crossword puzzles! The CILT Faculty Scholarship Series is pleased to present, “Gridlock:
  • Ye Olde Crossword Companion
    Stumbled across this “Roll-a-Puzzle Refill #2” at a used bookstore: Naturally, I needed to find the Crossword Companion—circa 1995—that it was made for…and I did! I found one new-in-box on Ebay for a song. And look at those features. 48 easy-scroll puzzles per roll, and even a backlight (remember, this is when the Apple Newton […]