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Marijuana and Binge Eating

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This is on my mind a lot because THC helps a lot with the pain in my feet at night, but it’s also a real problem because it exacerbates my already problematic nighttime eating behaviors. I think there is something to the idea of approaching it in the same was a binge-eating, slightly reframing the typical (self-hating) narrative.

On: Miscellany № 98: a novelistic conundrum

On precis, summaries, chapter TOCs, abstracts, synopses, nutshells, etc: I re­mem­ber them be­ing called “pre­cis” by a prof of mine, and they are re­ferred to that way in the LaTeX type­set­ting world, though I don’t know why. I prefer “nut­shell” simply be­cause it can be re­ferred to as “the nut” in vari­ous ways.

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