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P. J. O’Rourke

Learn Something

This workplace safety video is brutal.

Yes, it’s a Coursera course, but there’s some good stuff in here for anyone seeking to improve their own learning. → Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Thread on Long Covid by @ahandvanish

Richard Morris: Art History in a Tweet (@ahistoryinart)

It’s a Conspiracy (and That’s a Serious Problem)

Wordle, Confirmation Bias, and Conspiracies – thread by @mjshally

A lesson in how misinformation becomes fact in too many minds – thread by @mypoortiredsoul

Word History

‘segocia’: meaning and origin – word histories

Crossword Stuff

Consider supporting indie constructors like ada nicolle (luckystreak xwords)…she’s creating great puzzles!

The Boswords 2022 Spring Themeless League registration is open! It’s fun and you can compete as an individual or with someone else. Don’t be worried if you’ve never done this kind of thing before…they’re a most friendly bunch.

I forgot how much I enjoy acrostics and wish there were more available online. When in need, roll my own? Perhaps, thanks to this great video on How to Make an Acrostic Puzzle

Wordle-y Wise

In Quordle you solve four words at a time. It’s my new daily Wordle.

Squabble is a competitive version of Quordle for four players at a time. You can play and find games as a guest, so why not check it out?

Other Word Games

How Scrabble Blew Its Big Moment – Sports Illustrated