For whatever reason—and I don’t feel any particular existential dread at the prospect, nor am I feeling suicidal—I have a strong, undeniable feeling that I am not going to live to see 2024. This has lit a bit of a fire under me…

After what happened with my mom, I wish more than anything that I had more evidence and traces from her life, both the big picture, but also the day-to-day. What was she thinking about? What was she doing? What memories were consuming her? What would she have wished to more explicitly leave behind? Nothing would have gotten me to the why behind her choice, but I could have had so much more of her to help with the loss.

So this site will serve a few purposes:

  • A glimpse into my daily life, in part through centralizing social and activity streams as best I can.
  • An archive of my reasonably competent writing (at least what has survived the many purges and self-immolations).
  • A depository for my presence on other platforms.

In other words, this will be a site of the kind I so desperately wish existed for my mom in her last year…a place for family and friends to explore after I’m gone, as they will, and remember that though I didn’t achieve anything particularly notable to the outside world (or, indeed, to insiders), I was here.

See ya’.

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