February 2023

(L) Six Centuries of Type & Printing (letterpress and ebook bundle)


Starting even before Gutenberg, Six Centuries of Type & Printing traces the development of type design, type manufacture, presses, and printing through the present digital era with many stops along the way. The book explains how many aspects of printing and type remain the same, despite a shift from metal to photography to bits, across almost six centuries of constant improvement.

The book was set in hot-metal Monotype Bembo in the north of England, illustrations etched onto zinc plates, and text and illustrations printed by letterpress in London. It is a clothbound hardcover book with its title foil-stamped on the cover and spine, and it comes in a slip case, bound in the same material. Binding was performed in Germany near the Black Forest.

The book is 6 by 9 inches, and 64 pages long, with custom-designed endpapers. The ebook edition, included with this purchase, has three additional pages containing a bibliography and references.

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(M) Chris Lott 2023-02-27 09:10:59

It's fascinating how many right-leaning/winging folks reject the idea that, if they are white, they have a legacy of whiteness to consider...then work so hard to defend racist statues and names, or any thought that there is any kind of privilege. Why do they care if believe in this disconnection from previous generations (and society, for that matter).

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(M) Chris Lott 2023-02-24 09:09:26

My wife got me an early birthday present. Should be interesting…my first and only was one of the best (the band, the musical performance) and one of the worst (the other attendees) of my life. Don’t @ me, haters…I don’t care :) I’m as unabashed in my affection for GnR as I am for Steely Dan. As Dick Hugo said when asked about adoring a mostly reviled poet, I’m just lucky I guess! Too bad I don’t fit in my OG t-shirt…

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