About S-Town

I want to write something about S-Town, the 7-episode real-life story podcast, because it gave me all the feels and then some. But I don’t have time nor my thoughts in any semblance of order. I will say I think everyone should listen to it even if you don’t listen to podcasts (just think of this is a short, rich audio book) or like S-Town’s production roots (Serial and This American Life) because this show truly does its own thing. Starlee Kine’s (creator of the much-loved Mystery Show and one of the story editors) tiny handprints can happily be found all over this production. Were I in charge, I would have marketed the Starlee Kine connection more!

While listening I felt a bit let down by the last two episodes…but after letting my subconscious chew on it for a while I feel just the opposite, that those two episodes are crucial to the story—and the show—as a whole.

Absolutely required listening.

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