Listography: Obsessions (I)

[Things I think about more or less constantly, or more than I should, or sometimes in unhealthy amounts, or that overwhelm me when I can’t hide from them.]

  • monkeys1
  • the sound of computer keyboards in movies
  • knowing something is happening for the last time as it is happening
  • epitaphs and epigrams
  • the perfect literary tattoo
  • the weight of fine paper
  • folding paper
  • the feel of writing by hand
  • blank notebooks
  • failure
  • why I can’t write
  • the ways in which I was misbegotten
  • how I can end it
  • how to make it stop
  • my biological father’s imagined face
  • ruins and fallen halls and places that once were
  • what remains of places where I was a better me
  • the sound of violent seas on sand and stone
  • the small sound leaves make at dusk
  • the fine hairs of the inner thigh
  • the hollow at the base of a lover’s neck
  • the arch of her back
  • hip bones
  • how I could start being kind
  • my failing memory
  • my flawed brain’s dark maw
  • how I’ve failed my children
  • my hand over his mouth and nose
  • the light of the most distant stars
  • static
  • time dilation
  • dark matter
  • quantum entanglement
  • lists and lists of lists
  • exponential growth
  • infinity
  • infinity + 1
  • solipsism
  • the singularity
  • how I was born to be alone

  1. simians of all kinds, really. I know the difference, but I just like the word “monkey” 

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