Daily Brew: Kalita Wave 185

Papua New Guinea Madan in a Kalita Wave

Here’s my go-to coffee recipe for my morning cup (or three) of joe, using the simple, unbreakable—and foolproof, even for the most bleary-eyed—Kalita Wave 185 stainless steel dripper.

The Recipe

  1. 30g of coffee ground medium-medium coarse (like table salt)
  2. 480g of water @ 208-210F (just off the boil at first pour)
  3. Put coffee in filter in the dripper, place on top of large mug or server and put the whole shebang on top of your scale
  4. First pour/pre-infuse: pour 50-75g of water, enough to cover grounds and let drip/bloom for 30 seconds
  5. Second and further pours: slowly pour in some even pattern until filter is at capacity, let bloom settle, and repeat

Simple, right? The nice thing about the Kalita is that while it doesn’t brew quite as clean/fine of a cup as my favorite dripper, the Hario V60, it is significantly less finicky…no need for constant, circular, super-delicate pouring or for constantly dialing in the grind. Nor is there any need to rinse the Kalita filter before use because they are super-clean and impart no paper flavor; Hario filters really need to be rinsed first.

The Coffee

No real need to adjust the recipe for most coffees. Right now I am savoring—and really impressed with—Kenya Thika Kiriga Estate Peaberry from Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle.

The Equipment

Besides the Kalita and filters, you can improvise with just about any piece of equipment other than the scale! For the record, this is what I use:

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