16×16 Progress Update 1

Over a month into the not-so-new year means it’s time for an update on my 16×16 annual project.

  • Publishing: No progress. I probably should get on that. In the meantime, I’ve kept concīs and Katexic on schedule.
  • Reading: 16/64 books completed and reviewed (see Reading Challenges page for details).
  • Writing: 0/12 education blog entries; 0/12 poetry submissions made; 14/48 dedicated creative writing sessions (including 1 of 2 10-day streaks of 2xl entries).
  • Katannuta Journal: 6/48 gratitude entries; 4/24 kindness entries.
  • Simplifying: I have not yet begun to purge.
  • Health: 2/100 walks or gym visits. Finally got back on that horse just this week. No 10K yet identified.
  • Cooking: crumpet tins procured. No other progress.

I’m feeling reasonably pleased with my progress!

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