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I love One’s publishing model: they allow just one submission per poet and they only release an issue when they’ve received 21 poems they like…no matter how long it takes for that to happen. Their idea appears to be working. They are releasing new issues every 3–5 months and the quality is consistently high.

I’ve been giving online periodical publication models a lot of thought as I work on my own not-so-secret project. I decided to go with a rolling publication and retrospective, collected, seasonal “issues,” but the question of where to draw the line between issues in online publications has many possible answers. I like the quantitative solution. In fact, my last idea was to create a publication (Centumism) based on the idea of 10 works per “issue” published 10 times per year. But I was worried about maintaining quality. It never occurred to me to simply dispense with the date-based model altogether.

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