Don’t Watch

You know those services that will cheerfully tell you every time someone unfollows or unfriends you on various social media services? Run away. Because here’s what will happen: you’ll routinely discover those blessedly-otherwise-hidden times that you’ve been nuked. Even without such evil services to notify you, it goes something like:

  1. Try to DM a colleague/friend on Twitter. Discover you’ve been unfollowed so you can’t.
  2. Go to their site and discover you’ve been removed from their blogroll.
  3. Look at a recent thread you commented on and discover that even some of your recent comments have disappeared.
  4. Despair.

Removing someone from a blogroll makes sense when they hardly blog anymore and only self-indulgently. But you know this runs deep when someone unfollows you on Twitter despite the fact that you barely post at all and when even your simple, non-antagonistic comments no longer get approved.

I am, apparently, a delicate flower.

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