De-Centering and #rhizo15

Dave Cormier, Chief Rhizologismat(g)ician, makes an interesting comment about how he wants to position himself in #rhizo15:

Broad based community leadership (see DS106) is interesting, but not what I’m trying to do. I am trying to stay ‘just close enough’ to the formal education model that some of the lessons that I learn in rhizo could leak over into the formal system.

Dave has probably said this before and I wasn’t paying attention (to be fair, I’ve been hiding out in a big literature, writing and lexicography cave for a few years). Intuitively, #rhizo feels significantly further away from the formal education model than DS106…so far away that I wonder if the notions of #rhizo itself, whatever they may be, can leak over to the formal model (a different thing, of course, than participants bringing what they learn to—or using what they are learning in—their formal classroom environments).

This isn’t just an abstract question, as I’m due to start teaching a class in less than a month and I’m still wondering how the lessons I am learning might inform, apply to, or be brought to that course.

It’s the very “not-thereness” of #rhizo—which at this point is basically Dave posting a video each week with a provocative-but-not-necessarily-new topic with the instructions “explore and share”—that makes it great and difficult to identify as a means of application. Which isn’t, of course, what Dave is talking about above…he talks about the lessons that he has and will learn. Of those I already have many. But needs must, so I am forced to think about how the model of #rhizo itself might help me with the class I have to teach.

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