Brian Koppelman on David Foster Wallace

From The Moment, an interview with David Lipsky

[00:31:20] I could see how spending five days with David Foster Wallace who, I have to say, my wife and son talk about being in our apartment the day that Wallace died. I went to our computer—it was still a desktop computer in the kitchen—and the thing came up that David Foster Wallace was dead…and to my wife and son, all they heard—they were just mind their own—it was super early in the morning because I get up super early—and they just heard me scream “Fuck!” They said the loudest—they were sure that an intimate had died.

[00:31:55] I think about David Foster Wallace every day—I didn’t know him—I think about him every day. Because he was the guy out there in the world describing it to me. He was—I would walk around and I’d be in an airport—or I’d be—I could be at a beach, I could be at a bookstore—and something would happen and I would turn to Amy or my creative partner Dave—because we’re together all the time—and I would say, “God, don’t you wish Wallace were here to describe that. Or to dive into that. Or to tell us—” And he was the guy out there—you know that guy at the best restaurant in the world, they say, Noma, Rene, that chef who’s in this restaurant in Scandinavia somewhere…he forages. And all the other chefs love him because this guy will go and find this little patch of land in between two highways that has a weird thing growing and he’ll pick it and he’ll bring it back and cook it and present it in a way nobody else could. […] And people all around the world go and you can’t get into his restaurant for a year. But to me that’s what Dave—Dave went out there and he found this stuff and he showed it to me in a way I never would have seen it and I felt like he was talking just to me.

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