Call for Submissions: Truck 2014

Handwriting sunset

UPDATE: Please note that theme #1 means a poem can be on any topic and of any type…it just needs to be produced (or reproduced) by hand or by typewriter or in some other physical form. At this level it is about making some connection between the digital and physical existence of a work. Themes #2 and #3 delve into the visual and further into the physical. Theme #4 goes meta.

I’m guest editing Truck next month (December). So I want your work: poems, prose poems, visual poems, flash fictions, letters, found poems, art works…as long as it fits December’s theme, “Words: By/In Hand”, meaning:

I. Work of any form and on any topic that is presented in your own hand, typewritten, or that in some other manner shares of the physical production: drawn in sand, folded in origami alphabets, whatever.


II. Work that fuses words and visuals with some element done by hand: visual poems, blackout poems, erasures, vizpo that isn’t wholly digitally created.


III. Work that says “forget your stupid rules” and surprises me with something inventive in format or layout.


IV. Something of any form that addresses or invokes the theme itself: handwriting, correspondence, the physical making of word works. Here’s your chance for poems about writing poetry, letters about letters, and other meta-works that break workshopping rules.

Questions and submissions (image files; I can handle just about any format) to: by DECEMBER 29.

If you want to send PHYSICAL WORK that I can scan/photo, let me know and I’ll tell you where to send it (I’ll need to receive the piece in Seattle by DECEMBER 21 at the latest).

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