Reading Challenges

Tracking my progress in three 2016 reading challenges. Total: 64 books. I may or may not choose to use one book to fulfill a requirement in more than one category (in different challenges).

Read Right 2016

my personal reading challenge for 2016:

  1. A collection of letters | Selected Letters, 1940-1977 by Vladimir Nabokov
  2. A book about correspondence/letter writing | To the Letter: A Celebration of the Lost Art of Letter Writing by Simon Garfield
  3. A book about punctuation | Making a Point: The Persnickety Story of English Punctuation by David Crystal
  4. A book about words
  5. A book about language history
  6. A book about art/art history
  7. A book about typography
  8. A book about neuroscience
  9. A book about cognitive psychology
  10. A big fat guilty pleasure book
  11. A big fat guilty “should have read before now” book
  12. A trilogy (or longer) in translation
  13. A Collected Poems
  14. A book by an author I knowA Stairway to the Sea by Jeff Newberry
  15. A book that scares me
  16. A microhistory

Book Riot Read Harder 2016

From Book Riot

  1. Horror Novel
  2. Nonfiction Science Book
  3. Collection of Essays
  4. Read a Book Out Loud
  5. Middle Grade Novel
  6. Biography
  7. Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic NovelThe Giver by Lois Lowry
  8. Book Published in Birth Decade
  9. Audie Winning Audiobook
  10. 500+ Pages
  11. Under 100 Pages
  12. Book By a Transgender Author
  13. Book Set in the Middle East
  14. Book by an Author from Southeast Asia
  15. Pre-1900 Historical Fiction
  16. First Book in a Series by a Person of Color
  17. Non-superhero Comic Published in Last Three Years
  18. Book Adapted into a Movie (then watch the movie)
  19. Nonfiction Book About Feminism or Dealing with Feminist Themes
  20. Book About Religion
  21. Book About Politics
  22. Food Memoir
  23. Play
  24. Book with Main Character that has a Mental IllnessMockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

LEP Reading Challenge

24 books from the following:

  1. Book you own, haven’t read yetThe Oddfits by Tiffany Tsao
  2. The first book in a series
  3. The last (or current) book in a series
  4. Banned or challenged bookThe Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  5. A book you got for freeArt in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird
  6. Epistolary novel | Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster
  7. A retelling of a fairy taleThe Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter
  8. Graphic novel or trade paperback
  9. A superhero graphic novel
  10. A coming of age novel
  11. A non-superhero graphic novel
  12. Library book
  13. A book with an animal in it
  14. eBookJ.R.R. Tolkien: A Life Inspired by Wyatt North
  15. A book that became or will become a movie
  16. AudiobookYes Please by Amy Poehler
  17. Recommended by a LEPster
  18. Non-fiction
  19. Biography or memoir
  20. A book that’s won an awardA Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James
  21. A book that takes only one day to read
  22. Historical fiction
  23. Written by a female author
  24. Written by a male author
  25. A book that contains a recipeThe Colour of Food: A Memoir of Love, Life, and Dinner by Anne Else
  26. A thriller/suspense/horror
  27. About or takes place somewhere you want to visit
  28. A book that includes your favorite hobby
  29. Written by your favorite author
  30. Written by an author local to your hometown (or state) | Unified Field Theory: Stories by Frank Soos
  31. Judge a book by its cover
  32. A book about books, libraries, or writers
  33. A book by a popular author (who is new to you) (whose work you’ve never read)
  34. A book written in the decade you were born | Tau Zero by Poul Anderson
  35. Written by an author of a different race and/or ethnicity than you
  36. A book that ‘everyone’ is talking about
  37. Book started but haven’t finished
  38. A book with a LGBTQIA character
  39. Published in 2016
  40. Chunkster (500+ pages)
  41. A book you loved as a child
  42. A book that’s been translated to English
  43. A collection of short stories
  44. A book with no words
  45. A book based on a TV show or movie (written after the TV show or movie aired)
  46. Takes place in the state where you live | Drop City by T.C. Boyle
  47. Written by an author who is deceased
  48. A bodice ripping romance
  49. A book by a debut author
  50. A book with a color in the title | The Blue Guitar by John Banville
  51. Partner up with another LEPster and read a book together
  52. Book with pizza and/or sushi