After a few fallow years, I’m resurrecting my “yearly project” for 2016. Some look like resolutions. Some look like rules. I just call it a vague plan. Why so many quantitative measures? Because I discovered that reasonable measures lead to more success than abstract resolutions.

In no particular order, my 16 for (20)16:


  1. Publish the first concīs-related print publication
  2. Publish the first Katexicrelated ebook


[progress page and reading notes]

  1. Complete the 2016 Book Riot Read Harder2016 LEP Reading and my 2016 Read Right challenges. 64 books total isn’t a problem but the challenges will force me out of my comfort (and comfort-reading) zone.
  2. Face my fear and finally read The Pale King


  1. Get back on the horse and publish 12 education-related blog entries (more than just links and notes)
  2. Submit poems (or other writing) to 12 more publications
  3. Complete 48 creative writing sessions
  4. Including at least two 10+ day runs (poem-a-day, 2xl entries, etc.)

Katannuta Journal

  1. 48 gratitude entries
  2. 24 kindness entries


  1. Purge fountain pens and inks; keep only essentials
  2. Purge books at home and in storage; keep only essentials


  1. 100 intentional walks or visits to the gym
  2. Participate in a 10K (walk or run)

Cooking and Baking

  1. Learn to make excellent crumpets and English muffins
  2. Finish my quest for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich