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  • 2xl: 2018-08-11 When the problem arose for us whether habit or theory was better for getting virtue—if by theory is meant what teaches us correct conduct, and by habit we mean being accustomed to act according to this theory—Musonius thought habit to be more effective. —MUSONIUS RUFUS, LECTURES, 5.17.31–32, 5.19.1–2 —found in The Daily Stoic by Ryan…
  • On “Lurning” Sarah/NomadWarMachine writes on "lurkers": There are times that, for various reasons, I read conversations and watch what is going on without visibly participating. Does that make me a bad person, or is my behaviour an entirely rational response to our busy modern world? Do I need to ‘fess up and join in, or is it…
  • 23 Minutes on: New York 2140 (Kim Stanley Robinson) In some ways I’m an old fashioned reader: I find things to admire in experimental writing and I’m not automatically put off by syntactically or formally challenging writing, but mostly I prefer reading that gives me something to care about driven by a narrative force, even if that narrative is internal to a character. The…
  • 2xl: 2018-07-26 Leonard Cohen supposedly said that "the last refuge of the insomniac is a sense of superiority over the sleeping world." I wonder if Cohen was consciously in conversation with Nabokov who wrote that "sleep is the most moronic fraternity in the world, with its heavy dues and crude rituals." I've indulged in that subtle superiority…
  • 23 Minutes on: Following/Finding Passion Find your passion. The find your passion backlash. It’s complicated. I can pretty confidently say I’ve never uttered the phrase because, even when things we care about spring from reasons practically unknowable, I’ve never believed that care to be truly innate. So I would never say “find” your passion in the sense that it pre-existed,…
  • 2xl: 2018-07-24 Last week a young man (it's strange to me I've made it long enough to legitimately refer to someone as a "young man") suicided off a building on campus. Some people from my office were out walking and saw the cluster of emergency vehicles and what might have been a shrouded body at what the…

Recent Micro Posts

  • This morning’s Wikipedia rabbit hole reveals I’ve been conflating the plot lines of Eddie and the Cruisers and The Philadelphia Experiment for at least 30 years. #BlameMichaelParé #WouldBeABetterMovie #
  • Grades are in for #nousion #digcit students, who did some amazing, inspiring, intense work this summer! 🔥 😌 #
  • I keep trying to launch “Sack” instead of “Slack.” There’s probably an app for that. I probably don’t want to know what it’s for. #
  • “Wings” and Thing #
  • ✍🏼 20 Lines a Day: Theory and Habit - #2xl #
  • All social media services, apps and software should have an option to hide (for people and audience) measures of followers, re-tweets, likes, subscriber counts, etc. #

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